Get Unstuck!

Gravel or Boulder: The Choice is Yours Here is the beauty of rock bottom; it can have multiple interpretations. To me, the rock signifies heaviness, stillness, being centred. It is an opportunity, weighed down by this tremendous structure, to dig deep and decide in that moment what to do next, as if nothing else matters. Because in that moment, nothing else does. You can choose to be crushed by the rock. You can become...
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Who Is Driving The Bus?

Dear Readers, Back in the states in a few weeks, with my life both in flux and as grounded as I can get it amongst the mele. I see my homeland through very different eyes, vision sharpened though many years of living abroad. On the airwaves political ads full of fear, inaccurate rhetoric and individuals proud to be a whiter shade of beige. Fear. Well, I am friends with fear. We know each other rather...
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Eton Mess & Bonus How To of the Month

How could I not share this glorious recipe from the amazing @notquitenigella? Here in Oz we love our meringues, but not dainty, afternoon tea type bites, but the big, two-layer cake sized pavolvas, topped with real whipped cream and fresh slices of your favourite fruit. I love kiwi and strawberry slices topping a crunchy, creamy mouthful of pav, and last week experienced for the first time mini-pavs, topped with bite-sized pieces of these luscious fruits....
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